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Available kittens

Welcome to our kitten page:

Here you will find any miniature kittens that we have available. We will have a few miniature cats / kittens available occasionally but not all of the time. If you would be interested in raising miniature cats, please feel free to contact me as I may have some young stock available. Our miniature cats will follow the American miniature cat registry guidelines that are listed on the rare and exotic feline registry web site. Our other kittens and cats are replicas and not affiliated with any registry at this time. Our miniature cats typically range from 3-8 lbs but this is an estimate only.

We had a litter of new kitties born. 8/16/2010

Sassy and Kimba had mini kitties on 8/16/10

Other kitties born spring 2010 as well and can be ready to go also. The misc (spring) kitties were born outside this spring, then brought in but all mommas lodged together and I am not sure which kitties go to which momma as they all nurse together. There are a couple of those if you are interested in a kitty that is ready to go now. :O) 

Black Male from Sassy Ready to go late Oct 2010 $300

Black female from Sassy ready to go late October $350