Our Cats

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Our Cats

We will be adding pictures to our site often as we build. Thanks for your patience.

"Mandy" was the begining of our miniature and pretty kitty lines. She weighs in at about 5.5 lbs and is the "queen" of the house. She is a miniature cat and has thrown only one very colorful litter for us. Serenity is her daughter and is smaller then Mandy with the same beauty that Mandy posseses......Both are prime examples of the American Miniature cat breed.

"Serenity" Pictured above is the Daughter of Mandy (Pictured to the left). She is about 5 lbs and is a beautiful example of the American Miniature cat breed. Serenity will no longer be having kittens but is a grat example of some of our kitties! :O)

"Abigail" pictured above is a Beautiful American Miniature cat with very long, thick coat! She is absolutely gorgeous and throws nice, small kitties that typically stay small when bred to a miniature male.Abigail typically weighs in at roughly 5 lbs. She is fluffy and sturdy built wih and overall appearance of "small".

"Sassy" AKA "Mini Kitty" (Pictured above) is a seal point siamese marked miniature cat. She is without a doubt the smallest adult cat I have ever seen. She typically weighs in at about 3.5-5 lbs and is perfectly preportioned. She has the overall appearance of "small". She is a nice kitty, friendly but not "too" friendly, gentle and independent too. ;O)

"Sonny" (pictured above) Bob tailed, polydactyl (now neutered) Male. Sonny weighs roughly 7 lbs and is a sweet and outgoing boy.

Our little Snowshoe male "Kimba" will be a great addition to our future breeding program. He is a very light 5 lbs soak and wet and is an adult but I am very behind on new kitty pictures. :O)