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Shipping is available for kittens.

MINIMUM $100 purchase required for me to ship.

The cost is $300. This includes $250  for the airfare, $23 for the crate, $30 for the health certificate and $0 for gas. We can ship 2 kittens under 6 months of age in the same crate for no additional fee. 

We can not ship Kittens if the forcasted temperature is above 85 degrees or below 10 degrees ANYWHERE on the route. Your patience concerning shipping is much appreciated. Temperatures are a big factor with shipping. So is the fact that it is over an hour drive to the airport and we must be there 2 hours and 20 minutes prior to take off. This can be tough to do on 90 + degree summer days as we must get the kitties "out" before the temps get too hot.

Pay for Kittens and or shipping on the link below: